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Historical Scenic Transfer
2015 Syracuse to Palermo
(1day transfer-tour | Private)
A great way to move you from Syracuse (South-East side) to Palermo (West side) with stopover in an important local highlight such as Agrigento, giving you the chance to delight the Temples Valley.

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Syracuse  Agrigento ⇒ Palermo
Today h 8AM you will meet your Driver Escort and drive across the vast countryside enables us to see Sicily’s great variety of sceneries. We arrive in Agrigento whose history dates back to 580 BC. Own tour to the Valley of the Temples (admission fee: not included), a magnificent cluster of Greek ruins overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This afternoon we continue to Palermo, the capital of Sicily.

Important to know:
We customized this excursion using a Driver-Escort. A Driver Escort is a chauffeur (or driver) specialized to drive you around our amazing island. He is able to provide basic historical information, he can show you the main highlights ... he is knowledgeable and he has an umbrella of information.  Our Driver Escort will take care to give adequate time at all stops and to accommodate special requests when possible, he will
assure that your experience in Sicily will be both memorable and enjoyable

The Driver Escort is not a Licensed Tourist Guide (Licensed Tourist Guide: are the only professionals -- with a Regional license -- permitted to conduct visits and tours in all sites and museums within a city) and he cannot escort you inside the monuments because this is not allowed by Italian Rules. In case you need a Licensed Tourist Guide you must pay a surcharge and we will arrange for Licensed Guide to meet you directly on the spot.

LICENSED TOURIST GUIDE (Service is available on request)
This excursion doesn't include Licensed Tourist Guide.
We are able to book this service on request, subject to availability.



Valley of Temples, one of the most important archeological sites in the world and a Unesco world heritage site since 1998. Along a long rocky scarp, chosen as the southern limit of the town, are still sited the great temples of ancient Akragas:the Temple of Hera (Juno) Lacinia, Concordia, Heracles (Hercules), Olympian Zeus (Jupiter), Castor and Pollux (Dioscuri) and Hephaistos (Vulcan).



The tour is Land only; starts in Syracuse with pick-up at your hotel and ends in Palermo with drop-off at your hotel.

For the convenience of our travellers, we would be happy to assist you in case you need a special rate for your pre-post nights in Sicily or for your OPTIONAL PACKAGE includes of Airport transfers, hotel accommodation, excursions and more. We will be pleased to provide land services based on your needs and specific expectations. 

The price of this tour does not include the Admission Fees, which are payable directly on the spot. If you are under 18 years old and the admission fees are free of charge for you showing your document (or copy of your document) on the spot.

The suggested amount for the Driver Guide have to be an average between EURO 30,00 to EURO 50,00 (for a full day excursion) per day based on the efficiency and service you receive.
-Gratuities to restaurants are never included in the bill.  The restaurant cover charge is not a tip.  If paying with credit cards in Italy & Sicily, please be so kind as to pay your tip separately in cash to the waiter.  This should be 10% of the total bill.
The use of public toilets requires a payment to the attendant of EURO 0,30 cents. Public toilet charge EURO 0,50 cents.

Sicily is an island and there is a heavy emphasis on fish. Also, in Sicily typically the meal begins with a “starter? then pasta and then your main course. Please keep in mind that the food in Italy and Sicily might not be the same type of Italian food that you have are used to in your hometown. Sicily is famous for cannolis and marzipan. Please save room for dessert!

The charge for handling one suitcase per person is not included with your day tours.

The most important ingredient to a successful vacation is exploration. Please pack comfortable walking shoes. Sicily has a lot of steps and archaeological sites please pack accordingly. For city walking, wear leather shoes with good support. They are more socially and aesthetically acceptable than athletic shoes. Raingear is essential and a little umbrella could be handy. Gore-Tex fabric, which is both waterproof and breathable, is an excellent choice. Always pack a light sweater or jacket, even in summer.

-Once you land in Italy don’t forget to set your watch to the local time;
-In Italy the current voltage in Hotels is 220W.
-In Italy eating snacks is not a problem. But if you want to use restaurants, they open at certain times of the day: 11:30AM till 2:30PM and from 7:00PM till 10:30PM;
-Gratuities to restaurant are never included in the bill. Cover charge is not a tip. If paying with credit cards in Italy please pay your tip separately in cash to the waiter and this should be 10% of the total bill;
-The use of public toilets requires a payment to the attendant of € 0.30 cents. Public toilet charge € 0, 50 cents;
-Shops are generally closed from 1:00PM till 4:00PM and close approximately at 7:30PM.
-Ask for a receipt of your bills from most of the shopping establishments. By Italian Law, you must obtain them before leaving the premises;
-Be careful of your purse and wallets. Pick pocketing and purse snatching can happen especially in crowed places, such as famous monuments, bus stops, and railways stations. We advise that you do not give money to beggars as this is a common distraction for someone else to snatch your valuables;
-Do not carry all your money with you when leaving for sightseeing or strolls, deposit part of your money in the hotel safe or in the special belt around your waist;
Have handy telephone numbers of your banks in the event of stolen or lost credit cards;
-Keep separate a photocopy of your Passport;
-Keep your Currency Exchange forms if you plan to change money back to another currency.

Flights: We generally recommend that our travellers arrive one day before the trip starts in order to get their bearings and ease in to the new surroundings.
Travel Services: For the convenience of our travellers, we would be happy to assist you in case you need a special rate for your pre-post nights in Sicily.

Whole essays can be written about the Italians' relationships with clothes. Some observations:
1. Sometimes clothing rules are written. To visit a church or religious site you will need to cover yourself up; no bare backs, chests, shoulders and sometimes no bare knees. Sometimes museums and other attractions can also be strict; no bathing suits, for example. If you want to visit a church or religious site it's a good idea to carry a shawl or something with you so you can cover up. Even where there are no written rules, please use good judgement and respect the customs of the're not at home and a little more "prudent" behavior is always appreciated by locals.

2. Italians are very conformist about clothing; everyone wears the same fashions, from teenagers to grannies, which can be shocking at times. And it's normal to be glared at if you are not wearing the latest customised jeans or super hip boots.
3. It's important not to judge people by their choice of clothing. Styles do not necessarily carry the same connotations in Italy that they would in other countries. A woman in fishnets, stilettos and miniskirt with caked-on makeup at eight in the morning is probably just going to work in a bank. Almost all youths lounge about in skin-tight t-shirts with their rear-ends squishing out of jeans.

"Sexual harassment" is not regarded in the same way in Sicily-Italy as in other countries. The general atmosphere is pretty unreconstructed, and women should be prepared for attention :-). However, the tone of this "attention" is generally less aggressive than you may be used to. Men will call out compliments such as "bona" (beautiful in Sicilian language) instead of muttering crude suggestions. And culturally, these comments are not seen as insults; if you respond angrily or insultingly everyone will be very surprised. Whereas women of other nationalities may be used to telling strangers (in no uncertain terms) to shut up and go away, in Sicily the norm is to ignore the attention. In any case, responding in English or in imperfect Italian will only encourage more attention. It's best to do as the Sicilian-Italian women do, and sail past with your head held high. If you avoid eye contact and don't respond, you are extremely unlikely to be pursued or hassled further.

Please advise us in advance if you will arrive in Sicily with a folding wheelchair or with a cane. This is because we need to verify if our excursion fit you needs.

Since January 2005, smoking has been banned in all enclosed public places that do not offer sealed off rooms equipped with smoke extractors. The controversial new law covers i.e. bars, restaurants, offices, public buildings, public transports and cinemas. Smokers face fines is up to EURO 275, whilst businesses could be hit for EURO 2.000.

-The EURO is the currency accepted in Italy. The preferred method of payment is the EURO or a major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). 
Traveler’s checks are not welcomed by local merchants.
Check with your bank to determine whether or not your ATM card will work overseas and find out what is the maximum amount of cash is that can be dispensed on a daily basis. (Note:  The maximum amount available for withdrawl in Europe is usually less for “foreign” ATM cards.  If you try to withdraw an amount and have problems, try again selecting a smaller amount to withdraw).
-If you do not have a cash card, you can go to the currency desk and they will exchange your currency into EURO.  The other option is to go to your local bank BEFORE leaving your country and obtain EURO.  Please do this well in advance of your trip as some local banks might need to order EURO from their main branch.

Sicily is a pretty safe island. You should take obvious precautions, as in any city around the world, such as keeping any bags and possessions under your control and being alert for bag-snatchers and pickpockets in crowded places.


What's Included

»What's Included

»What's NOT included

-Vehicle with air conditioning;
-English speaking driver-escort;
-Visit as specified in the itinerary.

-Gratuities and Tips;
-Licensed Local Guide;
-Admission fees;
-Beverages and meals;
-Travel Insurance;
-Hotel accommodation.

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Length: 1 days (0 nights)
Available: On Request
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2015 Departure
Daily, on request
from Jan2 to Dec20

2015 Private Tour
Rate is per vehicle
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€550,00 up to 7people

Rate includes
-booking fees
-visit as per itinerary
-private vehicle
-English speaking driver

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